Friday, 22 July 2016

What is Aerospace Casting

By combining Manufacturing foremost experience with state of the Investment Casting Foundry, Turbo Cast has become a internationally recognized leader when it comes to Producing aerospace Castings components with our proprietary investment casting process. With the ability to produce aerospace castings of drastically varying sizes, shapes, and tolerances, and with more quality certifications than any other casting provider.
Turbo Cast aerospace castings can be found in nearly any application, ranging from common aviation and commercial aircraft to NASA and Defence components. At Turbo Cast, our entire team is proud of our reputation for reliable quality Aerospace Casting and service that enables us to work with applications where creativity, skill, and awareness to detail make a real difference.

Aerospace Castings Application:

  • Space Shuttles and Satellites
  • Military and Defence Application
  • Planetary Research and Exploration
  • Commercial Aerospace
  • Government-based & Science aerospace Casting.

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