Friday, 22 July 2016

What Is Investment Casting

Investment casting is process makes casting of particularly complex parts, with good finishing surface. And it is complicated process also. Investment Casting is a manufacturing Process that is used to produce a great variety of components for a wide range of industries. The investment casting process is also known as the “Lost Wax Process” due to the role that wax has to play in the casting process.

Investment casting is oldest manufacturing processes, before thousands of years, in which melt metal is in into an expendable ceramic mould. The mould is shaped by using a wax pattern - a disposable piece in the shape of the required part.

In Process of lost wax Investment casting make use of mostly metals, most usually using aluminium Material, bronze Materials, magnesium Materials, cast iron, steel, and tool steel. This process of investment casting is beneficial for casting metals with high melt temperatures that cannot be melded in plaster or metal.

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